This site will probably never be completed, I just have to live with that!

Spotify FTW!


Right as of now the groundworks for the next release of this site is in progress, please be patient, check back often, remeber [Im rythmus bleiben!]

2008-03-26: Ok, the work with the new version of the site is going so and so... When I am finished with the new site there will be a bit more exciting contents then right now. I have great ambitions for the site, but unfortunatly not so much time to code/build it.

Some ideas is to have band info(?), concerts/tour/festival info(?), reviews(?), charts(?) and more user interaction.
If you have any ideas/oppinions or if you want to have your banner/link on this site (the number of visitors are picking up!) please drop me a line at []
Check back often, I will launch the new site as soon as it is finished!

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